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Hunting is driven by an ancient instinct! By an ancient instinct which has not died from humankind ever since. The love of nature, the selection of non-required individuals from the game population and the honoured celebrations of hunting successes are all accomplished by this. This is how we too work and driven by this ancient instinct we organize what gives, beyond hunting, memorable experiences for our hunter fellows.

Our company, named Eurojagd Kft. (Ltd), was founded years ago with the aim of providing hunting possibilities for hunters in Hungary and beyond our borders, organizing hunting and contributing to the fact that their guests return home entirely contented and rich in experiences. We are striving to provide hunting possibilities through which the hunters can cultivate their hunting traditions and can put the desired game on the table. We feel contented if we can contribute to this by our activity.

Our main goal is that our friends from abroad take the worthy reputation of the Hungarian hunting, and return again and again to our hunting areas, the hunting results of which are a guarantee for the organisation of high-quality hunting.

Furthermore, we would like if our fellow countrymen got to know the hunting customs of other countries through the hunting of wild species that cannot be hunted in our country and by this more acquaintances and hunter friendships be made.

We are hoping that in the future we could welcome you as our guests and we can play a part in enriching your hunting experiences, which you would remember throughout your life.

Our newsletter can keep you informed about the situation of hunting in Hungary and abroad, the latest pieces of information related to hunting as well as about our offers. Subscribe to our newsletter and win a hunting possibility of a roebuck at our annual draw!

Hunter regards,
Pál Tóth
Eurojagd Ltd.

Tóth Pál Hunter

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