General information and Services

Eurojagd Ltd

In case you are interested in hunting possibilities, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. On the basis of your needs, we are going to give you an overall offer including all the services we can provide.

In case you find our offer acceptable, we are going to prepare the contract for you. When you return this to us signed, we regard your hunting booked, and start organizing the hunting.

In Hungary hunting can be made only according to the regulations of the Hungarian law, lease hunting is permitted only on the basis of valid contract.

The accounting is done on the basis of the shot records signed by the guest as well as the area representative, and the invoice is issued accordingly. 

For our guests from abroad

In case you come from abroad, we apply for the Hungarian hunting permit, we take out your compulsory insurance and we book your accommodation in the hunting ground or close to it.  In order to deliver guns across EU member states without any problems, we send you a letter of invitation, and provide an itinerary.

A separate permit is necessary to bring guns from countries outside the European Union.

Following the end of the huntings we arrange the dissection and evaluation of the trophies. In case you cannot wait for the evaluation of the trophies, there is a possibility to deliver the trophies abroad.


  • we prepare personalized hunting offers,
  • in case of a suitable offer, we book your huntings and prepare your contracts,
  • we apply for your Hungarian hunting permit and make your insurances,
  • we book your accommodation on the hunting ground or close to it,
  • we issue a letter of invitation for the delivery of guns and we send it to you,
  • we provide an itinerary to reach the area,
  • in case required, we provide transfer from the airport to the hunting ground,
  • we make your trophies dissected and evaluated,
  • we deliver the trophies to your home after the evaluation,
  • we organize extra touristic programmes,
  • during the hunting events we try to be present as far as possible.

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