Hunting for fallow-deer

Hunting for fallow-deer

Fallow deer (Dama dama)

The fallow-deer found a suitable habitat in many places in Hungary therefore it has an outstanding population. The hunting for fallow buck is possible from 1st October to 30st January. Its nicest hunting method is stalking and hunting with horse cart, which is fascinating in the period of rutting. The reputation of the Hungarian fallow buck is taken by the bucks leading the ranking list hunted here.

The hunting for fallow hind lasts from 1st October to the 1st February.

C.I.C. points:

  • 160,00-169,99: bronze
  • 170,00-179,99: silver
  • 180,00-tól:       gold

Toplist of Hungarian fallow buck trophies:

  Area, date of shoot: Trophyweight C.I.C. points
1. Guth (2002) 5,43 kg 237,63
2. Guth (1991) 6,40 kg 233,11
3. Pincehely (2013) 6,42 kg 228,01
4. Nagykónyi (2014) 3,61 kg 226,13
5. Gúthpuszta (2012) 5,60 kg 225,80
forrás: Országos Vadgazdálkodási Adattár

Hunting season of fallow deer:

  • buck: 01.October - last day of February
  • hind: 01. October - 31. January
  • calf: 01.October - last day of February

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