Hunting for mouflon

Hunting for mouflon

Mouflon (Ovis aries)

Rams can be hunted in Hungary thoughout the whole year, while sheep, ewe and lamb only from 1st September to the last day of February. In the Hungarian population there are often such individuals which wear a prize-winning horn.

The hunting of mouflons requires outstanding physical conditions because of its way of living and habitat but the mouflon horn compensates us for all the troubles.

C.I.C. points:

  • 185,00-194,99-ig: bronze
  • 195,00-204,99-ig: silver
  • 205,00-től:           gold

Toplist of Hungarian mouflon trophies:

  Area, date of shoot: Lenght of horns C.I.C. points
1. Bajna (2004) 97,75 cm 240,75
2. Bp-i EG (2006) 101,50 cm 237,00
3. Császár (2015) 105,75 cm 236,20
4. Gyüre (2001) 103,30 cm 234,70
5. Telki (1986) 97,60 cm 233,80
 forrás: Országos Vadgazdálkodási Adattár

Hunting season of mouflon:

  • ram: 01. September - last day of Ferbuary
  • female: 01. September - 31. January
  • lamb: 01. September - last day of February

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