Hunting for red deer

Hunting for red deer

Red deer (Cervus elaphus)

The red deer, the king of the Hungarian forests, can be hunted from 1st September to the 31st January. The hunting for red stag is possible also in winter time, however, we organise huntings for red deer hind and calf after the end of the rutting season.

Its hunting during the time of rutting in September gives a fabulous and memorable experience. In the hunting ground being in cooperation with us a significant amount of red deer is put on the table.

C.I.C. points:

  • 170,00-189,99-ig: bronze
  • 190,00-209,99-ig: silver
  • 210,00-től:           gold

Toplist of Hungarian red stag trophies:

  Area, date of shoot: Trophyweight C.I.C. points
1. Karapancsa (1986) 14,50 kg 271,00
2. Pusztakovácsi (1981) 14,00 kg 269,89
3. Lábod (2001) 16,81 kg 265,67
4. Vörösalma (2002) 14,05 kg 263,88
5. Kerecseny (2000) 13,98 kg 263,30
forrás: Országos Vadgazdálkodási Adattár

Hunting season of red deer:

  • stag: 01. September - 31. January
  • Hind: 01 September - 31. January
  • Calf: 01. September - last day of February

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