Red stag hunting in Hungary with Eurojagd

Red stag hunting in Hungary

We are really excited in every year, when September is getting closer and closer. That extemporal hunting fever in this time gives more considerable urge for us to be in the forest, to be in the hunting area. At this time we finished the organisation of red stag huntings in Hungary for our new and returning guests.

The hunting season of red stags starts at the 1th of September, which date actually means the beginning of the red deer rutting season too. In this time the hungarian forests are loud because of the red stags roaring. The stags are fighting hard for the better place in the hierarchy.

At such a time our guest can hunt for red stags from highsit or stalking, but it is not uncommon when stags are jump in for calling too.

Our guests every morning and afternoon are waiting for the professional hunters to come and guide them to an unforgettable red stag hunting, help them to shoot the coveted red stag here in Hungary.

We belive, that the professional organisation, the hungarian hospitality, the common hunting memories and trophies jump people. That’s why our guests are returning to us from year to year. We are working hard to every guest take a small part of hungarian hunting culture to home.

In the following video we give a small taste of our red stag huntings.

If you are interested in a well-organised red stag hunting in Hungary, just feel free to send us an e-mail or just CLICK HERE and don’t forget: Professional hunting services from hunters to hunters!

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