Pheasant hunting in Hungary with Eurojagd

Pheasant hunting in Hungary

The autumn greets us now, the red stags are already quiet in the Hungarian forests, the rutting season is almost in the end and the time of the well-organised pheasant huntings are soon coming here in Hungary. Our hunter guests are in sweat to come for a good atmosphered pheasant hunting.

Pheasant is the most popular bird among the hunters. Their habitat is in fields doted with reed and escarps. The hunting season opens on the 1st of October and the possibility of pheasant hunting is available only for groups in Hungary.

The Hungarian wild pheasant population in the last few decades decreased – because of the chemicals that the agricultural companies use – so we need artificial help to keep the pheasant population at its level. This is how we can accord high quality pheasant huntings for our guests.

We usually organise driven hunts for pheasants, where well-trained hunting dogs and beaters give help to be successful during the hunting. At the end of the hunting day we always make a display of the shot wilds, where the hunters can tell their own stories to each other about the hunting event. Our pheasant huntings give opportunity to build friendships.

In Hungary the huntings of pheasants are often combined with hare hunting. To shoot a fast running hare is the same experience as pheasant shooting.

Since the pheasant hunting season coincides with the hunting season of roe deer females, we can provide opportunity for individual roe deer huntings, too. Because it needs another style of hunting, we make a particular plan for our guests.

Let’s see what it means! This year an Italian group of serious businessmen encharged us with organising a 3-day-hunting trip to Hungary for pheasant, hare and reo deer.

According to their needs, six hunters would like to come, but they can stay in Hungary only three days. Our company made the following plan for them:

  • Day 1: arriving, administration and then individual roe deer hunting in the afternoon
  • Day 2: pheasant and hare hunting in the morning, roe hunting in the afternoon
  • Day 3: roe hunting in the morning, then departing home

In this small example everybody can see, that the guest is the first for our company and we organise the combined hunting events optimally, too.

In the photo gallery you can see several pictures of pheasant huntings that we organised in Hungary and from the following video you can take a small taste of the ambiance.

In case you are looking for a great bird hunting in Hungary, just feel free to send us an e-mail or just CLICK HERE and don’t forget, Eurojagd means: Professional solutions for hunters!

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