Test huntings in Hungary

Hunting in Hungary

We, who are working at Eurojagd Ltd. are comitted to organise the same hunting trips to Hungary for our clients, what we would like to enjoy too. That’s why we usually test our partner hunting areas, just to know what we offer for you.

Like this we can guarantee the quality of our services and the success of your hunting.

In July 2018 we were looking for a new hunting area, where we can organise red deer huntings. We traveled to check this area and we went out a few times to hunt.

In July the hunting season of roebuck was on in Hungary, so we went to the forest to call and shoot roebucks in this area and during this hunting we can check this new hunting area.

The area is located in Bács-Kiskun county, around 130 km from Budapest. It is 3800 Ha big and all the 100% is forest, nearby a state forestry, called KEFAG.

When we arrived, we meetthe president of the hunting club and the local professional hunter too, who guided us during this test hunting.

Int he forest we found tidy stalking ways, the forest was pinnatifid with small fields. We start roebuck calling with hooter, because the main rutting season of roe deers just began. In the first few hours we could call roe deers close, but we couldn’t shoot anything, so we went in with no success. During the first outing we saw a lot of tracks, we saw red deers, stags and hinds too.

After lunch we went to hunt again. At the first calling a good, shootable roebuck came in and we could take this roebuck. After we made the gutting procedures, we were stalking farther. Once we saw, that something is running to our direction. We were waiting quitly with the professional hunter. Than a wild boar stoped in front of us. After our shoot, the wild boar indicate the hit well, but run away around 100 meters, with a lot of blood.

After 100 meters the wild boar and the whole forest hushed.

In September we organised red stag huntings to this area for our clients from Norway. In three hunting days, they shoot three red stags with great trophies and they were satisfied so much, that they will come back next year too. This test huntings are very important for us because we always would like to offer professional solutions for hunters.

If you would like to enjoy the Hungarian hunting experience, just feel free to send an e-mail for u sor just CLICK HERE!

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