Driven hunt in Hungary

Driven hunt in Hungary

After the New Years Eve, we were waiting excitedly for the first hunting group of the year 2019, which arrived for a 3 days driven hunt to Hungary. This time we organised the hunting event to state forestry for this group of 15 norwegian hunters.

We met the group at the BUD Intl. Airport and we travelled together to the hotel, what we booked for them before. After everybody captured the rooms, we talked about the details of the next three days, what we started next day.

In the first hunting day we must  woke up a bit earlier, because traveled ca 50 km to the hunting area, buti t wasn’t so stressfull for the group. We spend the first hunting day in cheer, so everybody was happy and satisfied. The biters, the dogs  and the professional hunters were working well, at the end of the hunting day, there were 21 pieces of wilds on the bag. The horns gave the signs and we finished the first day succesfully. With a lot of experience and a lot of stories we went back to the hotel and we eat a great dinner.

In the next to hunting days we were in more fortunate aspect, because we continued the hunting event  only 5 km from the hunting area. In the second hunting day unfortunately we woke up for snowing outside, what affected the success of the driven hunt. So this day the group shooted 12 pieces of wilds, but they were happy and satisfied again, because they knew that hunting is hunting, so there is no guarantee.

We arrived to the last hunting day and favoured by fortune the hunting group shooted 35 pieces of wilds, so the final succes was 68 pieces in three hunting days with 15 hunters. After we meta t the daily bag, we discuss a bit with the taxidermist, because some of our guests wanted to prepare the skins of the wild boars, what they shoot.

Int he last evening of this three days, we eat a great dinner together and we raffled a roebuck hunting possibility between the members of the group, so the lucky winner can come back to Hungary for hunting in April.

Congratulation for the hunters and thanks for the confidency!!! See you int he next season!

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