Roebuck huntings

gold medal trophy from Hungary

In Hungary the trophywild huntings are beginning with roebuck hunting. The hunting season is between 15 April and 30 September, but the most relevant period is April and May, then the rutting season, which is at the end of July and the beginning of August.

In Hungary a really good quality roe deer population lives, they find their adaptable habitat in the whole country. The forestral roebucks have smaller trophies than the others which live in agricultural areas.

In our country planned wild management happens, annually we shoot 40.000 pieces of roebucks. The assessment of roe deers is 381.000 pieces.

Usually stalking is the best hunting method for roebuck, but we often hunt from highsits too and at several hunting areas we can find possibilities to hunt from horse carriage.

Our professional hunters are checking the roebucks from March on just to have perfect knowledge about the population and the territories until the season begins. Like this, we try to guarantee for our clients that they can shoot the roebucks they have planned before.

Excellent trophies from Hungary

  Place and date: Trophyweight: C.I.C. points:
1. Jászkisér (1978) 770 gr 231,53
2. Abádszalók (1993) 769 gr 230,75
3. Martonvásár (1965) 766,5 gr 228,68
4. Hajdúhadház (2012) 721 gr 221,40
5. Napkor (2004) 810 gr 214,65
forrás: Országos Vadgazdálkodási Adattár


In Hungary the trophy judgement is a very censorious procedure. During the judgement the specialists attend the outwardness and the weight of the trophies. And of course, last but not least the age of the trophywilds too.

These are the C.I.C. points of roebucks:

                                                               105-114,9: bronze

                                                               115-129,9: silver

                                                               from 130: gold

The average roebuck trophyweight in Hungary is between 350-450 gr, but it is not uncommon to shoot roebucks over 500 gr trophyweight. At excellent hunting areas we can find roebucks over 600 gr from year to year.

Hallmark is the quality of Hungarian roe population, we can find several roebuck trophies at the world rank list. It is another interesting fact that we have many abnormal trophies.

In the rutting season – end of July, beginning of August – we call the roebucks with hooter. This kind of hunting gives unforgettable experiences and memories.

If you would like to hunt for roebucks at the best areas of Hungary, just do not hesitate to get in touch with us via e-mail under or use the CONTACT FORM on our website.




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