Red stag hunting in Hungary in year 2019 too

Red stag hunting in Hungary

We offer red stag hunting possibilities in the best areas of Hungary. We organise our huntings to Zala, Somogy, Tolna and Bács-Kiskun counties, where our clients can shoot red stags with trophyweight between 3,00-13,00 kg. The red stag hunting begins on the 01th of September, which is the same time with the beginning of the rutting season. A stag shooting during the rutting season is a really great experience for all the hunters!


  • 170,00-189,9: bronze
  • 190,00-209,9: silver
  • 210,00-től:     gold

The red stag huntings are already available for the season in 2019!

For details please get in touch with us in e-mail under or HERE!

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